The Confessions of LisaM


i think I’m going crazy

by LisaM

Last night I dreamed that I was sleeping with another woman. I’m not attracted to women. But in this dream I wanted her. WANTED her. And then I realized that I wasnt me. i was my husband. That doesn’t make a bit of damn sense I dreamed that I was my husband and I was screwing another woman. I kept thinking that I knew the womanbut i could never figure out who she was.

But then I woke up and I was on the floor next to my side of the bed. He was still in bed, though and at first i thought I was still dreaming because i could see him and the woman together but I got up and stared at him. HE was the one dreaming. I have no idea how I knew it but I swear I KNEW it


BrendaKC: welcome to the confessional LisaM I’m so sorry that you’re plagued with bad dreams

SaraB: your a lesbian, its not that big a deal

Vickydoll: She dreamed that she was a man.

Vickydoll: This comment is awaiting approval.

Deshauna: People, she’s saying that she was dreaming HIS dream. This wasn’t supposed to be her dream.

Vickydoll: oh

BrendaKC: it was a bad dream, she’s worried about the state of her marriage, LisaM has your husband been unfaithful before?

SaraB: This comment has been deleted.

SaraB: This comment has been deleted.

Deshauna: Where the hell did this SaraB chick come from? Why isn’t she banned?

BrendaKC: i’m sorry Lisa people on this board aren’t usually so intolerant and bigoted

Athena’s Daughter: You should seek psychiatric help if you think you’re reading minds. Confessional is not the place for this kind of discussion.

BrendaKC: confessional is for ANYONE don’t listen to to her Lisa

Summr: Let’s assume that you really DID know what your man was dreaming about somehow. He dreamed he was having sex with some woman. So what? You can’t help what you dream about. I once dreamed about slitting my dog’s throat, but anybody who knows me will tell you that I love my dog.

LisaM: This comment has been deleted by the user.

BrendaKC: I’m so sorry

LeighS: If I thought my man could read my thoughts, I’d kill him. Can’t nobody live like that.

Deshauna: What the actual HELL?!

Deshauna: Where is the Site Governor?

BrendaKC: everyone please remember what this place is FOR

i had another one of his dreams

by LisaM

I had another dream that was my husband’s dream. This time i(him) was with the woman from the first dream she was giving him head he kept grabbing her by the hair and thrusting into her mouth it was horible


Vickydoll: I had a boyfriend who used to do that shit to me . . . . . .  . . . .  UNTIL I THREW UP ON HIS JUNK!!!!!!

Vickydoll: Don’t let your man do that to you!

im hearing voices

I was a church today and for a few minutes i could hear voices. at first I thought it was people whispering around me, then I thought it must be the Holy spirit talking to me. But then I realized that it was thenpeople around me the woman in front of me kept thinking about her mother whose sick and the man behind me kept thinking about my butt and and having sex with me and I wished i hadn’t worn those tight jeans and the man beside me wished that god would make his children love him.

Athena’s Daughter: LisaM, I am sorry that these things are happening, but you really should seek help. Have you thought about a psychiatrist? At least a counselor?

BrendaKC: LisaM, we are here for you

Athena’s Daughter: Are you a clone? Or were you “normally” inseminated in an artificial uterus?

BrendaKC: I don’t see what that has to do with anything

melanie: the hell?

Athena’s Daughter: I was asking LisaM, not you.

Zootie: Telepaths are real. Can you make people hear your thoughts, too?

M234K: Can you imagine how great it would be to have sex with a telepath? Holy shit. I’m about to have an orgasm just thinking about it.

BrendaKC: My god, people here are so disgusting!