The Way Out (Forbidden Minds Book I)

COMING IN MAY 2020 FROM UPROAR BOOKSThe Way Out (Forbidden Minds Book I):

Set in a near future when most of the world’s governments require all human reproduction to take place in artificial uteruses, the novel follows the stories of three people whose lives converge as their society begins to crumble:

VALERIE HARA and her husband, KIM, have broken the law. They’ve removed Val’s contraceptive implant and birthed their son, BRADEN, naturally. What’s more, Braden is a telepath, making it all the more urgent that the Haras keep him hidden from the Department of Human Reproduction. But when a nosy neighbor discovers that the Haras have an illegal son, the security that Val and Kim have spent twelve years building is shattered in a single night.

While reporting on a news story JESSICA, discovers a dark secret behind the government’s control over reproduction. Her discovery paints a target on her back and sends her on the run with her girlfriend, MERIDA. Soon the two of them begin to unravel a conspiracy that goes back decades . . .

Meanwhile, BOWEN, a government researcher in charge of understanding and controlling three captured telepaths, is happy with the status quo, thank you very much. He just wants to do his work, lust after two of the Anomalies who are in his custody, and have a little time with his sex robot before the appointment he has with death in one year. Unfortunately for him, two women who have the courage to defy the government are about to converge on his carefully-ordered existence and disrupt the plans he has for the last year of his life.

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