The Way Out (Forbidden Minds Book I)

COMING IN MAY 2020 FROM UPROAR BOOKSThe Way Out (Forbidden Minds Book I):

Set in a near future when most of the world’s governments require all human reproduction to take place in artificial uteruses, the novel follows the stories of three people whose lives converge as their society begins to crumble:

VALERIE HARA and her husband, KIM, have broken the law. They’ve removed Val’s contraceptive implant and birthed their son, BRADEN, naturally. What’s more, Braden is a telepath, making it all the more urgent that the Haras keep him hidden from the Department of Human Reproduction. But when a nosy neighbor discovers that the Haras have an illegal son, the security that Val and Kim have spent twelve years building is shattered in a single night.

While reporting on a news story JESSICA, discovers a dark secret behind the government’s control over reproduction. Her discovery paints a target on her back and sends her on the run with her girlfriend, MERIDA. Soon the two of them begin to unravel a conspiracy that goes back decades . . .

Meanwhile, BOWEN, a government researcher in charge of understanding and controlling three captured telepaths, is happy with the status quo, thank you very much. He just wants to do his work, lust after two of the Anomalies who are in his custody, and have a little time with his sex robot before the appointment he has with death in one year. Unfortunately for him, two women who have the courage to defy the government are about to converge on his carefully-ordered existence and disrupt the plans he has for the last year of his life.

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10 thoughts on “The Way Out (Forbidden Minds Book I)

  1. Hi Dr. Boudreaux, I took composition 1 and 2 with you at EGSC about 5 years ago. I have always remembered and appreciated the lessons you taught me. After searching on Facebook, I Googled your name and it led me to your website. I am leaving this comment (mainly because I am not sure how to contact you otherwise) because I wanted to give you credit for a tattoo that you inspired. I will always remember your class because that is where I learned the phrase, “Gnothi Seauton.” It resonated with me, and changed the way I live my life. I finally have it tattooed after 5 years of planning to get it done. Every time I look at it, I am reminded of the lessons you taught and how far I’ve come since then. You were one of my favorite professors. Thank you for leaving your mark! I am working on my application for vet school, and would love to get some pointers from you on how to be successful in my career. Feel free to contact me at the email below. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

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    • Hi, Kelsey! That’s awesome! I’m flattered that you would think of my class all these years later. For some reason, I don’t see your email address in this comment, but you should feel free to contact me via my school email or on Twitter. I’m not on Facebook anymore, but I’m pretty active on Twitter.


    • Thank you! Yeah, it’s been interesting, having this book come out in 2020. I wrote it long before the COVID pandemic, but as this year has dragged on, I’ve kept thinking, “Everybody is going to say that I wrote this in response to COVID…”


  2. Hi! I started reading this book and am only on chapter 8 and loving it! It is hard to put down, I want to know what happens next. You are a very talented Author!
    I giggled at your added note from June 2020 about COVID-19 & conspiracy theories!
    One question, you mentioned your brothers in higher ed, do I know Stephen?

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  3. I just finished the audiobook of “The Way Out” and I enjoyed the concept (especially given the current times). I loved the layered story and can appreciate the time it must have taken to think it all out, probably long before your pen ever touched paper. I would like to know if you have a timeline for the subsequent books or a fan email I can sign up for to receive that information when it comes out? Congrats on your success and I cant wait to read more. Thank you!


    • Thank you! I appreciate that very much. The narrator did an excellent job with the audiobook, didn’t she? I was very pleased with it.

      Right now I’m in the middle of finishing the sequel, and I hope that it will see the light of day by the end of the year.

      I don’t currently have a newsletter set up, but I’ve been tossing the idea around. Maybe I’ll get on that soon. If you’re on Twitter, you can keep up with my writing at @armondboudreaux.


  4. Wow! This is impressive and inspirational. I found this searching down your email. I need to read this. Thank you for your time yesterday. I look forward to hearing from EGC.


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